Shop with us and earn Cash Back

CashLK gives users ability to collect cashback from different merchants
CashLK gives users ability to collect cashback from different merchants

Cashlk network

Innovative and unique loyalty program links network of shops in different sectors, merchants, and different geographic locations. A reward will be received for every purchasing transaction, you can flexibly exchange your balance for a product from any shop in Cashlk network.

Enjoy Shopping and Win a cash

Download Cashlk app from the store. Navigate to shops menu, a list with the nearby shops will be displayed automatically on the map. Start shopping , on the cashier desk , while you checking out your products, ask the cashier to add the points to your account.

A merchant discount rate is displayed on the shop list such that you can select between shops to grant you a superior experience. Also, you will be able to rate each purchasing transaction as an evaluation for your experience.

Promotions and discounts

Nearby Merchants will start to send you promotions of your interests.
Like a Facebook following feature, you can follow a certain shop of your choice such that you can receive his promotions easily.

Redeem you cashback

While you are shopping across Cashlk shops, your balance will increase. When your cash back balance hits 100 EGP, you will be eligible to redeem your cashback with products from any Cashlk shop. Pick up your product, open your app, click on redeem icon, fill the redeem amount, and go to the cashier to check it out.

Affiliate Program

You will receive a reward not only when you place purchases, but also when you invite friends to join Cashlk network. Reward will be received for every active user to be added to the network.
Open the app, go to invite friend’s menu, invite your friends. You can share your own referral link in any of social media applications like Facebook to increase your chance to win whenever they download the app and achieve purchasing’s volume more than 1000 EGP.

Our goal is to be the largest digital customer loyalty program in the world

Our goal is to continuously increase the number of stores on the CashLK network and attract the largest number of customers and companies with the aim of providing them with the highest added value on our digital platform.





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